Laughing Boy and MaeOla and The Misfits

What happens when you mix Laughing Boy and MaeOla and The Misfits? You get a night of amazing music!

On Saturday evening, high up on a rooftop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the 2 bands got together for a group of lucky people and performed for over an hour, even entertaining people listening in from balconies as far as a block away.

Blake Brocksmith and MaeOla Bolton’s strong vocals had the crowd up on their feet singing, clapping, and not wanting the music to end.

Attorney Jeffrey Garfin plays drums and sings for both bands, and they were joined by actor (and Garfin’s son) Alex who stars in the hit CW Show “Superman and Lois,” much to the delight of some of the younger audience members who took selfies with the handsome young star.

Make it a point to see both bands when you can

Laughing Boy: Lowell Marin -Guitar, Blake Brocksmith- Vocals/Harp, Jack Maiorino -Bass (But Ian Boros substituting for 7/24) Jeff Garfin Drums/vocals, Adam Johnson- trumpet, MIke Melkonian – Guitar (Jim Wacker substituting on keys for 7/24)

MaeOla & the Misfits: MaeOla Bolton – vocals, Alex Garfin – Keys/vocals, Jeff Garfin Drums and Vocals, Lowell Marin – Guitar, Ian Boros – Bass, Adam Johnson-Trumpet

Photos and Review by Debra L. Rothenberg