Kamelot / HammerFall / Ad Infinitum -Wellmont Theater-Montclair, NJ

Kamelot / HammerFall / Ad NJInfinitum  Wellmont Theater  May 1, 2024

Review and Photos by Anthony DiMatteo

Heavy Metal at its finest direct from Sweden!  The crowd at the Wellmont Theater,was excited to say the least.   If there is one thing you can say about the vibe, it was alive.   Fans of  Kamelot, HammerFall and Ad Infinitum are loyal die hard rockers who enjoyed every minute of the show.  I knew when I walked in and saw the extensive merchandise stands and long lines that this show was going to be exciting.

Starting off the night was an impressive blast of energy from Ad Infinitum,  Featuring the vocals of Melissa Bonny who is a major focal point of the band.  The moment she stepped onto the stage you felt the electricity. Melodic vocals mixed in with some harsh deep growls captivated everyone within the sound of her voice.  The band played a very tight 7 song set that was non stop raw power.  

HammerFall walked out on stage and blasted thru an 11 song set that was entertaining to say the least.  Non stop dueling guitars mixed with pounding drums and bass lines blended together with lead singer, Joacim Cans voice.   Joacim deliver strong vocals and spent part of the night interacting with the crowd who loved every minute of it.  Original founding member, Oscar Dronjak looked and played like it was 1993 all over again as he traded guitar leads with Pontus Norgren throughout their high energy set.  The passion from the crowd chants, screams and fist pumps helped drive the spirit of the band all night.

Maybe one of the best stage designs i’ve seen in some time was for headliner Kamelot.  Risers across the front and back of the stage as well as for the keyboard and drums along with an amazing backdrop of their Awakening album cover.  The band opened their 18 song set with The Great Divide and continued to play a majority of their set from their latest album- The Awakening.  The band continued to deliver all night long with special guest appearances throughout the set by Ad Infinitum singer, Melissa Bonny who not only opened the night with her band but contributed on another 6 songs with duets with Kamelot’s let singer, Tommy Karevik.
It’s hard to believe that the band has been around since 1991 when it was formed by guitarist, Thomas Youngblood and is on tour supporting its 13th studio album.  The band rolled thru Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem), Willow, One More Flag in the Ground as well as Insomnia, Karma, Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) and March of Mephisto from their catalog.
Rounding out the band is Sean Tibbetts on Bass, Oliver Palotai on Keyboards and Alex Landengurg on Drums who are all equally talented musicians who drove the melodic sound with incredible stage presence.