GHOSTFUNKORCHESTRA!!!! Wow!!! What can you say about Seth Applebaum’s dreamchild of a band???

What started out as solo project by this multi-instrumentalist and composer has evolved into (and I quote), “A Powerhouse 10 Piece Live Band.”  I must add to that quote, that this live band came onto the stage at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn, VERY MUCH ALIVE AND BROUGHT EVERYONE in the house to LIFE in a big way.

From the moment they stepped on stage the crowd immediately became antsy with anticipation and they were not disappointed.  GhostFunkOrchestra delivered a funk session reminiscent of the bands of yesteryear, like Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power and many others of the Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Jazz genres and everything FUNKY in between.  This band in my honest opinion is headed to some very good places and should be recognized as “FUNK PERSONIFIED”.  

This funky big band is comprised of Seth Applebaum-Guitar, brother Julian Applebaum-Bass, Billy Aukstik-Trumpet, Stephen Chen-Baritone Saxophone, Mario Gutierrez-Drums, Romi Hanoch-Vocals, James Kelly-Trombone, Megan Mancini-Vocals and Joshua Park-Guitar.  

This band delivers and should you have the opportunity to catch them, YOU FUNKIN’ SHOULD!!!!

Review and Photos by Raymond Aponte