November 26, 2021

Scotiabank Arena

Toronto, Canada

A chilly walk home gave me time to gather my thoughts after seeing Genesis for the first time in mumble-mumble years. My first was back at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1981 (a couple weeks short of 40 years ago)

On this night, Phil could have changed the words from “I can’t dance” to “I can’t sing” on many songs, needing help from backing vocalists to get through. That said, I loved the show and the only negative I can offer, aside from a personal yearning for more pre-80’s material, is how unimpressed I was with the audience.

I engaged with no one, save for empathetic eye contact with the usher holding the ‘Wear Your Mask’ sign. I listened to some tremendous music that brought back vivid memories. It’s a shame though that the dazzling instrumental section from Firth of Fifth was a beer/bathroom break song for the under 50 segment of the crowd (who alternately lost their shit over I Can’t Dance, then scratched their heads during Dancing with the Moonlit Knight).

Despite my jaded view of some of the audience, I’m glad I went to the show. It brought back good memories from my high school days, like listening to Joe Morrison play the exquisite piano intro to Firth of Fifth in the high school band room a million times without getting tired of it.

Photos By Jeff Ross