Callum Toner – Spotlight

Callum Toner, better known as Cal, has been singing/humming since she was in the crib. At 3yrs old she started playing a little pink ukulele and making up songs. She loved anytime she could perform for an audience of family, friends and even her pets. 

In 5th grade (10yrs old) she wrote and performed her first song: an end of school year tribute to her teachers and sang it over the loud speakers during morning announcements. At 12yrs old she found a love for theater and did some youth performances with Clear Space theater in Rehoboth, and then continued with Theater Academy of Delmarva. 

When she turned 14, Cal wanted to sing with a band so she joined the Academy of Performing Arts and learned how to work with a band, how to play keyboards/piano and picked up her first guitar. She also had a hugh opportunity when chosen with a few others to open for the band Foreigner on the Freeman stage in Delaware. They performed A cappella “Somebody to Love” by Queen and she got the bug to perform on large stages. 

She spent the next year practicing continuously and promoted herself to play solo at a local farm Ard Brac Acres then the Valor House in Pittsville next at the Ocean Pines Farmers Market. More offers followed. 

At 15yrs old she made the decision to leave AMP and focus on solo performances hitting open mics. At an open mic she met some brothers from Lewes DE and formed the band Scattered. They were able to get some cool performances venues including The Cedar Room in Lewes for Sunday brunches, some Ocean City venues, The Bitter End in NYC for a future stars show. They found their way to the big stage as the pre opener for Coldplay on the Budlight Seltzer Stage at Xfinity Live with over 60k people arriving to see the concert and tailgating watching them before Coldplay was a crazy moment.  

Cal and the boys decided to go separate directions with their music. Over the next year she would focus on her song writing, continue to do solo gigs and start recording in the studio. She has recently been asked to Perform in larger festivals including Springfest, Ladybug Festival and several others. She has been asked to open and be pre show for several artist. 

Cal continues to write and develop her own style which has been described at “Soulful Folk”. 

Photo courtesy of Cal Toner.