Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters

Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters are a MUST see band if you are seeking great music and a fun night out. I was told they were sort of country, but they are not. They are pure rock and roll with a rockabilly edge. If you ever saw the movie “That Thing You Do,” the music would fit in perfectly. Be prepared for a night of dancing and foot tapping from the moment they walk out on stage.
Tonight at Sony Hall in New York City, they opened their tour and asked the audience to forgive any mistakes they may make but it was a flawless evening of kick ass rock and roll.
Mr. Thornton is an award winning actor and screenwriter and add amazing singer/songwriter to that list.  
“Watching the Radio Again” is a catchy song that I am sure we have all thought about-is our radio watching us? How can “Alexa” start responding to a question we didn’t ask? Lots of heads were going up and down and you heard “yea, right?” from many in the audience.
“Science Fiction” is about a guy who makes up a fantasy about what he wishes he had. The music starts like the eerily sci fi movie from the 60s and feels as if it could have been inspired by Devo.
 “I still like to see you I just don’t want to hear you” is about someone you like to look at but not listen to-don’t we all have someone like this in our life? 
Dressed in jeans with a pile of keys hanging onto the belt loop and a shirt with the name “Bud” on it, Mr. Thornton has a dog tag around his neck and didn’t look like the typical rock and roller. When he sang “I’ll Make You Dance,”  he commanded the stage with his beautiful voice, a tight band and catchy songs that will have you do just that-dance.
Photos and Review by Debra L. Rothenberg