Arion, Dark Sarah

Arion is an amazing modern power metal band from Helsinki, Finland, founded in 2011.
The gig was played in Helsinki at the legendary Tavastia on, supported by Dark Sarah.
Band Members of Arion:
Lassi Vääränen- Vocals,
Iivo Kaipainen – Guitars,
Arttu Vauhkonen – Keyboards,
Gege Velinov – Bass,
Topias Kupiainen – Drums
Dark Sarah
This is how they define themselves on their Facebook page:
“Dark Sarah is a cinematic metal band from Finland led by Heidi Parviainen. Dark Sarah´s music combines elements of metal music, film music and music theater.”

Band Members
Heidi Parviainen – DARK SARAH – vocals
JP Leppäluoto – DRAGON – vocals
Sami-Petri Salonen – guitar
Erkka Korhonen- guitar
Rude Rothstén- bass
Thomas Tunkkari- drums

Photos By Saara Planting