Editing and Workflow

Packing up afterwards….


When: Saturday May 16, 2015, 12:00-3:00pm
Where: Midtown, New York, NY
Location Announced Upon Payment
Cost: $150

Fill out the registration form & email it to:
fredda@infocusvisions.com or debra@infocusvisions.com

Or email for more information!

You spend the day, week, weekend shooting, you get home, take the card out of the camera

Now what? It can be an overwhelming process.

In this workshop we will go over downloading the images, viewing them in an editing program, tips on picking the best ones, making adjustment to the photos, resizing them for print and/or social media and archive techniques (from external to off site storage).

Although there are many editing options, we will be concentrating on photoshop, lightroom and photo mechanics.

Requirements and Equipment: You must sign up in advance. Prior knowledge of photography is recommended but not necessary. Optional: A laptop with lightroom, photoshop or photo mechanics and images if you have them.

Click here for the registration form!


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