It’s Only Rock and Roll – A Workshop Photographing Musicians

We all had a great time shooting Jon Christopher Allen (, Bobby Mahoney ( and GypsyTimeSurf (Becca Atkins and Dick Pape – As one of the students said yesterday, “This is one of the best workshops I have ever taken. Not only are we hearing great music, but we are REALLY learning how to photograph them. This is great-we aren’t just sitting there taking notes but actually shooting.” Another student said “Great class!! Deb and Fredda taught us so much yesterday. Met some great people. The live music was GREAT!!” “I Had a great time.”

The students got to experience what it would REALLY be like photographing musicians in a club setting, theater, or stadium. They were given the obstacles of learning how to react fast and change the settings on their camera when the light suddenly changes all while shooting manual, having other photographers or fans get in their way, and what to do when a musician “eats” the microphone and won’t move away and many other “real life” concert situations.

Here is a sampling of the day.


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  1. Note: This comment was received via blog post by: Guy Aceto on 22-Mar-15 21:10 -0400
    What a great idea and a wonderful format. I only wish I was closer than 300 miles away! I’m really interested in what the students thought of what they learned.

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